We help you host your
own Matrix chat server.

Chat over the growing Matrix network or bridge 15+ popular proprietary networks like: Slack, Discord, LinkedIn, Messenger, Telegram, Signal, Whatsapp, Instagram

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Matrix is an E2E-encrypted, federated chat platform integrated with other messengers.

the only FOSS-based service offering Matrix chat server hosting


World wide server locations


Bridges to popular chat services and apps


Additional Matrix and non-Matrix services


Matrix servers installed

Who is Matrix for?

Individuals & Families

  • 🖐️ tired of all the different messenger apps
    One Matrix app lets you talk on multiple chat networks via bridges.
  • 🔏 worrying about personal data and privacy
    With E2E-encryption and a server you control, your data is all yours.
  • 🫰 wishing to pay a fair price for their chat platform
    No per-user charges. Grandma can join for free!
  • 🔑 wishing for a secure and encrypted chat under their control
    Tired of being censored or of seeing ads for things you talk about?

Organizations (companies & communities)

  • 🖧 demanding secure internal chat and being in control
    We can provide a VPS server for you or configure Matrix on your own infra.
  • 🌐 wishing to reach clients on multiple platforms
    You can have a helpdesk service spanning multiple chat networks.
  • 🫰 wishing to pay a fair price for their chat platform
    No per-user charges. Bring in as many users as you wish!
  • 🤖 wishing to build on top of an extensible platform
    Use ready-made Matrix bridges, bots, widgets, etc., or develop your own

Our Matrix hosting service is also helpful to those who can self-host themselves, but prefer not to waste the time & effort to do it.

These communities already use Matrix:

See case studies of organizations

Why choose to host Matrix with etke.cc?

etke.cc - Get YOUR [matrix] homeserver according to YOUR needs

We're in Europe and offer international Matrix hosting with fair conditions, on servers rented from us (we use Hetzner Cloud) or on your own servers anywhere in the world.

We've installed 500+ Matrix servers.

⏳ We save you time
We spare you the need to self-host Matrix and its many related components.
💵 We charge fairly
We don't charge per-user, but per deployment complexity & server size.
🔥 We offer a lot Matrix extras
We offer 15+ Matrix Bridges and 10+ Extra Services.
None of our competitors offer as many and as diverse Matrix services.
📖 We develop in the open
Like Matrix itself, all of our technology is completely FOSS.
You can easily extend it or make new integrations.
🏡 We encourage ownership
We provide VPS servers, but can also host on a server owned by you (or rented from a VPS provider you like)
🔓 We don't lock you in
If you ever become unhappy with our service, you can always host your server elsewhere or start maintaining it yourself.

What benefits do I get?

  • 🖥️ Matrix hosting on a server type of your choice
    We can set up and maintain Matrix for you either on your own server (on any provider or on your own infrastructure), or on VPS servers provided by us.
  • ✅ A full Matrix chat server stack
    With audio/video support and all the other bells and whistles.
  • 🌐 Being part of a global chat network
    Reach millions of people on other Matrix servers via federation.
  • 💬 A beautiful chat web app of your choice
    You can also use any web, desktop or mobile Matrix client app.
  • 🔒 E2E encryption
    Chats are encrypted. No one can read them, not even the server admin.

Case Studies

Reidel Law Firm

[...] After a review of available options and what would be best for our Firm’s use case, we decided to utilize the Matrix protocol with the Element client for our secure, encrypted chat platform. The Matrix protocol allows for a decentralized communications platform which is also fully encrypted (even us, as the server host, cannot read encrypted messages sent within Matrix or on our server) and allows for flexibility for our clients to engage us in a multitude of apps or outside platforms. Within Matrix we can host public and private chats, encrypted video and voice calls, bridge other chat platforms such as Telegram, Whatsapp, Signal, IRC, and even SMS...