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Matrix is an end-to-end encrypted, federated chat platform, integrated with other messengers. Read more on
We create, configure, support, and maintain YOUR Matrix homeserver, on your conditions.
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Clients living in Matrix: 15, be the 16th, or read what they think

Who needs it?

  • ... tired of lots of messengers
  • ... worrying about personal data and privacy
  • ... wishing for secure, encrypted messenger under their control (even in the EU!)
and people that want their own matrix homeserver, but have no idea how to configure and maintain it or just don't want to do that.
  • ... demanding secure, encrypted internal chat on their own server
  • ... wishing to communicate with (potential) clients on multiple platforms in one place
  • ... building chatbots for multiple messengers
  • Mozilla, KDE, GNOME, French government, German Bundeswehr use Matrix
and even Penguins!

matrix for penguins

What customers think about us

Etke set up a basic matrix homeserver federation configuration for our multi-platform chat bot. With blackjack and WhatsApp bridge. All is cool and working fine (:

— Radu Nita,

Thanks for the quick and easy connect.

— Shekar,

Thanks for your help online. You identified my issue in the first few minutes of chatting :)

— @faisalhackshah

Top notch talent and very patient with clients on setup and maintenance.

— Schuyler Reidel,

Hey, actually i'm the guy who pushes the service. Anyway, Matrix is awesome and I host my family's homeserver here (yep, i use for my own homeserver, too).

— Aine,

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Initial Setup $10 one-time

We install and configure your matrix homeserver with desired options

Maintenance (optional) $5/month

We constantly maintain and update your server (including host's and matrix updates & configuration)

Email services (optional) $3/month

We provide a full-featured email service for your domain (, based on Migadu paid plans

Consultation (optional) $20/hour

Online video call with developer where we try to help you solve any matrix-related issue or question.

How initial setup works?
Mandatory steps
  1. We discuss with you what exactly you want to receive, including bridge-specific config options
  2. You provide us SSH access to a server that will be used for matrix homeserver
  3. We configure your server and your Matrix homeserver
  4. We send you matrix homeserver's admin credentials (change your password) and links, notices, etc. for later usage
  5. We invite you to service announcements room with news and updates about components, used in matrix homeserver stack
Optional steps
  • If you don't have a server or experience to create it, we will guide you how to get it
  • If you don't have a domain name, we will guide you how to get it
  • You may whitelist SSH access to one our IP address
  • You may provide SSH access temporary, only for initial setup
  • You may subscribe to maintenance plan - we will constantly update, maintain and reconfigure your server and your matrix homeserver while your maintenance subscription is active
  • You may subscribe to email service plan - we will configure email service for your domain name and provide you control panel access while your email subscription is active

Are you ready?

fill the form below or use alternative contact method - [matrix], telegram, discord.

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Matrix Components

Additional Services "non-Matrix" tools

Read the description of each service before selecting it, please

Advanced Components only for experienced users.

NOTE: that section only for experienced users who knows exactly what each component does and how it works, do NOT select them, unless you really mean that.