We're a group of individuals from Europe that have been active and recognized members of the Matrix community for ~7 years.

The etke.cc service was founded in 2021 by Nikita Chernyi, based on Slavi Pantaleev's free-software work: the matrix-docker-ansible-deploy Ansible playbook - the most popular and sane way to deploy Matrix on your own infrastructure.

etke.cc is not a registered company (just yet).

If you want to say Hi, you can always contact us.
We are dedicated to providing our customers with a secure, private and reliable communication platform, on a managed server that you don't have to worry about.

We cover the server part, so you can focus on communications and collaboration. Some highlights of our service include: private docker registry, automatic updates, houseekeeping, monitoring, alerts, self-service bot, backups, and more.

With our easy-to-navigate Order page, round-the-clock support, and numerous quick start guides for different components, getting your Matrix server up&running has never been easier (you don't even need a domain name!).

Oh, and did we mention that we like Open Source and therefore host all of our code published under A/GPL-3.0.
etke.cc's original idea was to provide an easy way for people to host their own Matrix instances, but our product is constantly growing.
We are currently offering


additional components on top of the "just" Matrix server (and we don't even mention 15+ "under the hood" components, included by default with any server we setup).

Join us and the millions of others in a world of communication, where you are the owner of your data.


World wide server locations


Bridges to popular chat services and apps


Additional Matrix and non-Matrix services


Matrix servers installed

Don't have a Matrix server yet?

We specialize in setup, hosting and maintenance of Matrix and various Matrix & non-Matrix add-ons.
Hosting is on affordable VPS servers provided by us (via Hetzner Cloud) in the EU or US, or on your own infrastructure anywhere in the world.

Let's build your Matrix haven together!

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