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Explore answers to common questions frequently asked by new homeserver owners.

Additional Components

The Scheduler

The Scheduler is a new maintenance system developed specifically for customers. It empowers you with control over server maintenance and addresses common issues, such as disk utilization and service restarts.


Synapse-Admin is a web-based tool for administrating your (Matrix) Synapse homeserver. Manage user accounts, delete media, and clear chat history to reclaim disk space. Find detailed how-to instructions for using synapse-admin on this page.


We’ve prepared a series of guides to help you get started with your Matrix server


Get help you with anything related to subscription-management (Ko-Fi) and payment-processing (Paypal).

Restoring Backups

Learn how to restore your server from backups using BorgBackup and local Postgres backups. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for restoring specific files or full server snapshots.

VPS to VPS migration

Learn how to migrate your Matrix server from one VPS to another. This step-by-step guide covers DNS setup, SSH configuration, data migration, and post-migration steps.

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