Buscarron bot

The Buscarron bot installed by us is powered by buscarron.

Buscarron - Matrix Bot for Secure Form Submissions

Buscarron is a Matrix bot developed by etke.cc , which allows forms you add to your website (static or dynamic) to be submitted to a Matrix room of your choice. Submission happens via HTTP POST to a URL endpoint that the Buscarron bot exposes.

Buscarron provides a robust and customizable solution for securely handling form submissions within the Matrix ecosystem.


Secure Communication

Buscarron ensures end-to-end encryption, providing a secure channel for data transmission and maintaining user privacy.

Form Submission Handling

Receive HTTP POST forms and JSON submissions within Matrix rooms, and then redirect successful and failed submissions to different target pages.

Spam prevention

Various spam prevention mechanisms are in place, starting from standard rate limiting and even doing SMTP validation on email fields in the form payload.

Customizable matrix messages

Supporting Go templates to define your own messages format

Confirmation emails using Postmark

Say “Thank you!” automatically ;)

Prometheus metrics

The bot exposes a Prometheus -compatible /metrics endpoint, protected with HTTP basic auth and an IP whitelist.

If you need assistance

Before seeking help, make sure to thoroughly review the documentation. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact bot's support. Please note that etke.cc Customer Support exclusively handles server-related inquiries. For any questions related to the bot, please reach out to bot's support.

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