Matrix Bridges to Other Communication Networks

Matrix Bridges are essential connectors that enable communication between Matrix and other chat and non-chat networks. With these bridges, you can seamlessly interact with individuals and bots from various networks using your Matrix server and supported Matrix client.

We offer installation and support for the following bridges on your Matrix server:

Deprecated Bridges

The following bridges were replaced with different implementations (or removed). All of them will be uninstalled from all servers soon, more details in FAQ entry :

In addition to these bridges, we offer various Bots and Extra Services to enhance your Matrix server. Discover how these tools can expand the capabilities of your Matrix server and streamline communication across different networks.

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We specialize in setup, hosting and maintenance of Matrix and various Matrix & non-Matrix add-ons.
Hosting is on affordable VPS servers provided by us (via Hetzner Cloud) in the EU or US, or on your own infrastructure anywhere in the world.

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