Signal bridge

The Signal bridge installed by us is powered by mautrix-signal.


Start a chat with When it joins, type help in the chat to see instructions

Option 1: secondary device

If you still want to have the signal app installed

  1. Go to Linked Devices in Signal app and add a new device
  2. Send link to the bridge bot
  3. Scan the QR code the bridge bot sends you

Option 2: primary device

If you don’t want to have a separate signal app installed

  1. Open the Signal Captcha Generator (Google reCaptcha) and solve the captcha
  2. You will be redirected to a URL that your browser won’t understand, starting with signalcaptcha://. Everything after signalcaptcha:// is the captcha token, copy it. In Firefox, you may need to open the Developer Console with F12, where the signalcaptcha:// URL will show up as part of a warning message.
  3. Send register --captcha your.captcha-token +phonenumber, eg: register --captcha 03AOLTBLR84zMWX9mh1gHaFZJwLYflPh0Bsi3_oYwsxJ9bTt_dV9mcmOMmhHZ19E_4waszAMc7EmPM7IfGSJc4471E45JLXgr2YjRlp36k7_AU5t8ww1IOrZid8hl9fqMs9FNIWx9IUj-TpmTdGnYTKpHhLKsQ5EjO53DeJcccp3Ay66PsvHWHXdda9rEAD-DDt6WbU7m-Mki_sVBIo3kJiV094fLOALTz7tTccAyGHH-rna9lIqceaxgeuvJhxteT_xdf2OU3df1TIQsUGbComAEYNCoreElcpBIv70BmsfCQiN_uUA76ILbnFJS5Ox_kFjqSscjR9V0VUbKE3SKknCc84NT3bPCYo9zSCUZDZ5VksbcaGxfziUMBnXG3MGUH__zu9hRoyZcf1ZWO-1_T2WnCQSvafKjle3DB08KBk5immiXwcIjkEDqshoJWXHUpHC7PcI0d0Q9hAXffuWvB4K5bfqNlgJIa_IigN_f06362sWyzHBkqcpcvAmJbf8rggKuW3OIQ5fvOIvUZ5NKBgZSj8g46mAoJj3fsLVCRn9vz7zKFZZRLMg8 +12024561414
  4. Once you get the SMS verification code, send it to the bridge.
  5. To be able to participate in v2 groups, set a profile name with set-profile-name Your Name.