(Old) Signal bridge

The (Old) Signal bridge installed by us is powered by mautrix-signal (python).


Start a chat with @signalbot:your-server.com. When it joins, type help in the chat to see instructions

Option 1: secondary device

If you still want to have the signal app installed

  1. Go to Linked Devices in Signal app and add a new device
  2. Send link to the bridge bot
  3. Scan the QR code the bridge bot sends you

Option 2: primary device

If you don’t want to have a separate signal app installed

  1. Open the Signal Captcha Generator (Google reCaptcha) and solve the captcha
  2. You will be redirected to a URL that your browser won’t understand, starting with signalcaptcha://. Everything after signalcaptcha:// is the captcha token, copy it. In Firefox, you may need to open the Developer Console with F12, where the signalcaptcha:// URL will show up as part of a warning message.
  3. Send register --captcha your.captcha-token +phonenumber, eg: register --captcha 03AOLTBLR84zMWX9mh1gHaFZJwLYflPh0Bsi3_oYwsxJ9bTt_dV9mcmOMmhHZ19E_4waszAMc7EmPM7IfGSJc4471E45JLXgr2YjRlp36k7_AU5t8ww1IOrZid8hl9fqMs9FNIWx9IUj-TpmTdGnYTKpHhLKsQ5EjO53DeJcccp3Ay66PsvHWHXdda9rEAD-DDt6WbU7m-Mki_sVBIo3kJiV094fLOALTz7tTccAyGHH-rna9lIqceaxgeuvJhxteT_xdf2OU3df1TIQsUGbComAEYNCoreElcpBIv70BmsfCQiN_uUA76ILbnFJS5Ox_kFjqSscjR9V0VUbKE3SKknCc84NT3bPCYo9zSCUZDZ5VksbcaGxfziUMBnXG3MGUH__zu9hRoyZcf1ZWO-1_T2WnCQSvafKjle3DB08KBk5immiXwcIjkEDqshoJWXHUpHC7PcI0d0Q9hAXffuWvB4K5bfqNlgJIa_IigN_f06362sWyzHBkqcpcvAmJbf8rggKuW3OIQ5fvOIvUZ5NKBgZSj8g46mAoJj3fsLVCRn9vz7zKFZZRLMg8 +12024561414
  4. Once you get the SMS verification code, send it to the bridge.
  5. To be able to participate in v2 groups, set a profile name with set-profile-name Your Name.

If you need assistance

Before seeking help, make sure to thoroughly review the documentation. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact bridge's support. Please note that etke.cc Customer Support exclusively handles server-related inquiries. For any questions related to the bridge, please reach out to bridge's support.

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