Slack bridge

The Slack bridge installed by us is powered by mautrix-slack.

We previously used to install the mx-puppet-slack bridge.


Start a chat with When it joins, type help in the chat to see instructions.

Option 1: Password login

  1. Send login-password (e.g., login-password superSecretPassword to the bridge bot.
  2. Recent chats should now get portals automatically. Other chats will get portals as you receive messages.

Password login isn’t guaranteed to always be fully supported, but you can switch to token-based login at any time afterwards by following the instructions in the section below without signing out.

Option 2: Token login

  1. Open a slack workspace in a browser
  2. Open browser dev tools (chrome dev tools) and go to the Network tab
  3. Filter requests by type WS/WebSocket
  4. Find xoxc token as a parameter of one of the URLs
  5. Go to the dev tools Storage tab to get a list of cookies
  6. Find d cookie and copy its contents
  7. Send login-token your.xoxc-token your.d-cookie to the bridge bot
  8. After login using a token, all your joined channels will automatically be bridged into Matrix, but DMs will only appear once you receive messages in them.