(Old) Discord bridge

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Non-English support is best-effort. The English version is more complete.

The (Old) Discord bridge installed by us is powered by mx-puppet-discord.

This bridge is unmaintained and is no longer installed by us since August 2022.

New installations are powered by the newer and more reliable mautrix-discord bridge.


Start a chat with @_discordpuppet_bot:your-server.com. When it joins, type help in the chat to see instructions.

Option 1: discord bot

This is the recommended method and allows Discord users to PM you through a bot.

First, visit your Discord Application Portal .

  1. Click on New Application
  2. Customize your bot how you like
  3. Go to Create Application and scroll down to the next page. Find Create a Bot User and click on it.
  4. Click Yes, do it!
  5. Find the bot’s token in the App Bot User section.
  6. Click Click to Reveal
  7. Finally, send the appservice bot a message with the contents link bot your.token-here

Option 2: user token (against Discord ToS)

Warning: Linking your user account’s token is against Discord Terms of Service.

First, retrieve your Discord User Token . If this doesn’t work, use this method .

Then send the bot a message with the contents link user your.token-here.