(Old) GroupMe bridge

The (Old) GroupMe bridge installed by us is powered by mx-puppet-groupme.

This bridge is unmaintained and is no longer installed by us since May 2024.


Start a chat with @_groupmepuppet_bot:your-server.com. When it joins, type help in the chat to see instructions.

  1. Go to dev.group.me , sign in and select Access Token from the top menu
  2. Send link your.token-here to the bridge bot. Note the puppet ID that it returns
  3. You can now get invites to all your groups and DMs with bridgeeverything your.puppetID or use the bridgegroup command to bridge individual groups

If you need assistance

Before seeking help, make sure to thoroughly review the documentation. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact bridge's support. Please note that etke.cc Customer Support exclusively handles server-related inquiries. For any questions related to the bridge, please reach out to bridge's support.

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