(Old) Slack bridge

The (Old) Slack bridge installed by us is powered by mx-puppet-slack.

This bridge is unmaintained and is no longer installed by us since January 2023.

New installations are powered by the newer and more reliable mautrix-slack bridge.


Start a chat with @_slackpuppet_bot:your-server.com. When it joins, type help in the chat to see instructions.

Option 1: OAuth2

  1. Set up a Slack app . You do not need to set up any of the additional features or functionality that Slack prompts you to enable when you create a new Slack app.
  2. Go to the OAuth & Permissions tab in the sidebar
  3. Add your redirect URL
  4. Fill in the oauth block in your bridge config file. Be sure to forward the oauth.redirectUri to the bridge
  5. Send link to the bridge bot
  6. Click the link it gives and allow access
  7. Copy the token given and send it to the bot: link your.token-here

Option 2: xoxc token (against ToS)

Warning: Linking your xoxc account’s token is against Slack Terms of Service.

  1. Open a slack workspace in a browser
  2. Open browser dev tools (chrome dev tools) and go to the Network tab
  3. Filter requests by type WS/WebSocket
  4. Find xoxc token as a parameter of one of the URLs
  5. Go to the dev tools Storage tab to get a list of cookies
  6. Find d cookie and copy its contents
  7. Send link your.xoxc-token your.d-cookie to the bridge bot