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Welcome to our Email Hosting service. At , we understand that email is a critical aspect of personal and small business communication. Powered by Migadu , our email hosting service is designed to cater to the email needs of individuals and small businesses.

Flexibility and No Lock-In

We prioritize your flexibility. If your email hosting needs ever change, you can easily switch another provider of your choice. At , we believe in empowering you to make choices that best suit your evolving requirements.

Account Creation and Administration

Upon choosing our email service, we will set up a Migadu admin account exclusively for you. With this admin account, you’ll gain access to Migadu’s admin panel . Through this user-friendly interface, you can take control and manage your domain’s mailboxes. This includes creating new ones, setting up forwarding aliases, configuring catch-all mailboxes, and more. You will also find information on DNS settings necessary to get your email up and running, such as MX, SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records. Additionally, Migadu provide you with the email client settings required to send and receive emails efficiently.

SMTP Relay Configuration

Regardless of whether you choose our email hosting service or opt for another provider, we offer to configure your Matrix server to send outgoing emails seamlessly. It’s worth noting that SMTP Relay is offered for no extra cost to our email hosting customers. Explore the details of this service here .

We aim to make your email hosting experience hassle-free and tailored to your preferences.

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Hosting is on affordable VPS servers provided by us (via Hetzner Cloud) in the EU or US, or on your own infrastructure anywhere in the world.

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