Vaultwarden service

Vaultwarden is an unofficial Bitwarden compatible password manager server that you can use with the official Bitwarden apps and browser addons. It’s is much more lightweight than Bitwarden, which makes it a good choice for hosting.

You can find links to Bitwarden applications in the download section of the Bitwarden website and in some quick links below. Refer to the Usage section for hints on how to connect these applications to your Vaultwarden server.

Vaultwarden Web UI screenshot


  • Server URL:
  • Administrative URL:

The first time you use Vaultwarden, you’d need to create one or more accounts via the Administrative UI, after authenticating with an admin token (password) that we have provided to you.

You then proceed to use it on the web , via a mobile app or on the command-line.

Below, we include some quick links and descriptions for how to connect to your Vaultwarden instance, but any Bitwarden application can be made to work with your instance in a similar way.

Usage on the web

Using a web browser, you have 2 ways to access Vaultwarden.

One is via the Web UI available at the Server URL (mentioned above). Another is via a browser addon:

When using the browser addons, choose self-hosted and point the addon to your Server URL (mentioned above).

Usage on mobile

When using the mobile apps, choose the self-hosted option and point the app to your Server URL (mentioned above).

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