2022-05-03 17:09 UTC

servers update in progress

  • Grafana 8.4.1 -> 8.5.1
  • Synapse 1.57.1 -> 1.58.0
  • WhatsApp bridge latest

service updates

  • (for new orders only) Turnkey prices have been increased to reflect the setup cost
  • etke.cc got localization support (only English and Russian are supported for now, Bulgarian will be added later)


Articles from blogs we follow around the net

How to use go run to manage tool dependencies

When you're working on a project it's common for there to be some developer tooling dependencies. These aren't code dependencies, but rather tools that you run on as part of the development, testing, build or deployment processes. For example, …

via Alex Edwards May 10, 2022

Snaps don't seem compatible with NFS home directories in Ubuntu 22.04

Over on Twitter, I said something about Firefox in 22.04: So Ubuntu 22.04 (beta) makes Firefox into a Snap. I guess our users won't be using it on our machines any more, since Snaps don't work at all in our environment. (Or they didn't in 20.04; …

via Chris's Wiki :: blog May 10, 2022

If Programming Languages Were Futurama Characters

Map your (least) favorite programming language to your favorite Planet Express crew member based on its characteristics.

via Signs of Triviality May 9, 2022

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