2023-04-27 20:04 UTC

Stable Updates Published

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Service Updates: MatrixRooms.info

Lack of rooms discovery for new users is one of the issues we noticed, so today, we welcome you to MatrixRooms.info , a search engine built for matrix rooms discovery.

The current index contains over 230,000 rooms across 19,000 servers, and we’re constantly tweaking it to provide more relevant search results. Even non-English users may find it useful because it does automatic language detection in room names and topics (during the alpha stage language analysis limited to English, Hindi, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, German)

We plan the following future improvements:

MatrixRooms.info , Source code , #mrs:etke.cc

As with anything else we do at etke.cc , the website, its API backend and all related tools are free software (A/GPL).



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