2022-07-08 10:36 UTC

stable updates published

  • Element 1.10.15 -> 1.11.0
  • Jitsi 7001 -> 7439-2
  • LanguageTool 5.7 -> 5.8
  • Ntfy 1.27.2 new
  • Synapse 1.61.1 -> 1.62.0

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service updates

  • ntfy is an open source self-hosted UnifiedPush provider that may be used instead of Google FCM/GCM on Android and works with SchildiChat and FluffyChat (Element support coming soon in next Element releases). It’s available for order on the etke.cc
  • etke.cc’s ssh keys have been rotated. The new keys are available on website. That’s automated process, you don’t need to do anything.