2023-11-09 20:49 UTC (updated)

Stable Updates Published

Service Updates: Concluded etke.cc infrastructure maintenance

During the week, we’ve updated internal etke.cc services, like Scheduler and docker registry. Downtime was not expected, but it affected several customers. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

As the result of the infrastructure maintenance, the registry storage was migrated from standard on-server filesystem to S3 because we serve 40gb of docker images (just the latest stable versions), and that size grows almost daily

Service Updates: MatrixRooms.info got MSC3266 implementation

The #mrs:etke.cc project we’re building, and its demo instance on MatrixRooms.info just got room previews in the form of MSC3266 implementation. With that update, client apps and services like matrix.to will show proper room name, topic, avatar, and joined members count when you share a matrix room alias using MRS instance



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