2024-04-04 20:01 UTC

Stable Updates Published

Service Updates: Email Deliverability

We continue working on improving email deliverability from your matrix servers. With this update, the outgoing email queue was made persistent, so emails won’t be lost due to restarts or temporary downtimes.

Service Updates: Extras Updates

We’ve restructured the extras page, added missing quick start guides, and divided all items into sensible sections

Service Updates: List of Deprecated Components was updated

The list was extended with Facebook (mautrix-facebook) and Instagram (mautrix-instagram) bridges, as they were archived by their devs on March 2024, and superseded by Facebook (mautrix-meta) and Instagram (mautrix-meta) bridges.

Quick start guides of the deprecated bridges contain migration guides for your convenience

Service Updates: New Component - Funkwhale

A new component is available for order - Funkwhale is a self-hosted audio player and publication platform. It enables users to build libraries of existing content and publish their own. It uses the ActivityPub protocol to talk to other apps across the Fediverse. Users can share content between Funkwhale pods or with other Fediverse software.

Funkwhale is available for new and existing customers for +$5/month

Service Updates: New Component - Peertube

A new component is available for order - Peertube is a self-hosted video platform over Fediverse, similar to Funkwhale. And as with Funkwhale it allows building libraries of existing content from Fediverse and publish your own.

Additionally, Peertube supports S3-compatible storage, so you don’t need to worry about the disk space utilization

Peertube is available for new and existing customers for +$5/month



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