2024-03-28 21:03 UTC

Stable Updates Published

Service Updates: LanguageTool is back

Previously, we’ve offered LanguageTool , but it was taken down for refactoring. It returns for the price of +$1/month, with optional extended list of supported n-grams and a quick start guide .

Service Updates: Redis has been replaced with KeyDB due to upcoming license changes

Starting from v7.4.x, Redis is no longer Open Source, and switch to source-available model, it was announced in their blog . As a result, we’ve decided to replace Redis with KeyDB - an Open Source drop-in replacement with additional features (like multi-threading). That change affects all customers with Synapse Workers, but you don’t need to do anything - it will be fully automatic. The only possible impact is longer downtime during the maintenance (only once, to apply the migration)



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