2021-12-07 18:38 UTC

@room service updates

sorry for that notification/mention, but the information below is quite important and we want to be sure that every customer will get it as soon as possible. Subscribers will receive a copy of that message through BMC notification as well.

Due to recent changes with payment processing options and discounting of PayPal there were some concerns and questions we had. Now we have answers.

  • Will minimal prices and PWYW model change to address new payment processor fees? - NO. Prices will stay the same. Of course, fees are higher, but they are still manageable and have a way to somehow optimize the processing cost, so there will be no changes in minimal pricing.
  • Should subscribers to do something due to payment processor changes? YES. Unfortunately, PayPal stops payments processing on their side, so your existing subscriptions are affected. Please, follow the BMC guide to change payment method from PayPal to Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Good news - no more throwaway accounts, because you have ability to change your payment settings without re-creating BMC account
  • Will subscribers receive updates today even if subscription failed/automatically canceled due to PayPal issues? YES. All subscribers’ servers are updating right now, no need to worry.

Updated “discounting PayPal” FAQ on BMC if you want to get more info.

If you have any questions - please, ask them in #discussion:etke.cc room