2024-04-18 20:20 UTC

Stable Updates Published

Service Updates: Email Deliverability

We continue working on improving email deliverability from your matrix servers. With this update, a few bugs were fixed, including an incorrect sender address (it used base domain instead of subdomain). Starting from this update, all outgoing emails will be sent from server@matrix.your-server.com address by default. Sender address change does not affect servers with Email Service , SMTP Relay , or customized sender

Existing customers may request DKIM integration just by contacting us

Service Updates: New Monitoring Service

We continue working on improving stability and awareness of homeserver owners, and starting from this week we’ve replaced the monitoring service with a new one. The new service provides more detailed and precise alerts, and based on the ping command of the Scheduler. Documentation: etke.cc/services/monitoring

As part of this update, the following changes were made:

You can run full monitoring check of your server at any moment by using the ping command of the Scheduler.

The new monitoring service is in testing phase, if you have any issues, please contact us

Service Updates: etke.cc SSH Keys Have Been Rotated

New keys have been published on the website (https://etke.cc/keys.txt ) and rotated on customers’ servers. This is automatic process, you don’t need to do anything



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