2023-12-21 21:04 UTC

Stable Updates Published

Service Updates: Firezone and ChatGPT bot are Available for Order

A new component is available for ordering - Firezone - it’s a VPN server based on WireGuard with Web UI. Existing customers can request it by contacting us

Another available component is ChatGPT bot , that became available with the new form, but we’ve forgotten to mention it previously

Service Updates: improved Help pages

We’ve added details about Bots and Extra Services in the etke.cc/help section, and hope you may find them useful to better understand what exactly each component does, and what features it has

Service Updates: Fresh Stability Branch Notification Improvements

If you use fresh stability branch , you can keep an eye on the updates in the #fresh:etke.cc room. Previously, update message was not properly synchronized with the actual availability of the changes because messages were sent before the update was ready to be installed. Starting from this week, the notifications system was redone, so when you see a message about a new update, you can install it immediately.

Service Updates: Scheduler’s Maintenance

During this week, etke.cc/scheduler was under several maintenance cycles and updates, some of them affected a few customers. We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience. We will continue updating it for a while, and hope the upcoming updates will affect you only positively 🙂



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