2024-02-29 21:03 UTC

Stable Updates Published

Service Updates: New Facebook and Instagram bridges

mautrix-instagram and mautrix-facebook bridges were superseded by the mautrix-meta bridge. Quick Start documentation has been updated both for the Facebook / Messenger and the Instagram bridges.

Existing customers are not affected, but if you wish to migrate to the new bridges - just follow the Facebook and Instagram migration guides

Service Updates: Registry Updates

To prevent abuse of our private Docker registry, we’ve made internal changes to how access is controlled/secured. The new flow has been enabled for customers using the fresh stability branch . If you encounter any issues with the new flow, please, do not hesitate to contact us

Service Updates: Demo Server is Up&Running

To offer a way to test components before ordering them (both for new & existing customers), we’ve deployed a demo server that you could use to decide. It has a few limitations, and not all components are available for usage yet, but we hope you will find it useful! Details: etke.cc/demo



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