2022-07-01 09:19 UTC

stable updates published

  • Grafana 8.5.3 -> 9.0.2
  • Mailer 4.95-r0-2 -> 4.95-r0-4
  • Prometheus 2.33.3 -> 2.36.2
  • Synapse 1.61.0 -> 1.61.1 security fix was installed on Tuesday on all customers’ servers

service updates

  • To more proactively respond to service troubles for the servers we manage, we’ve installed internal monitoring to all subscribers’ servers (powered by prometheus-node-exporter ). Collected information: CPU, RAM, Disk and systemd service status. Example of collected information is available in the attached file (that’s real data from the the etke.cc homeserver, without any redactions). Metrics are collected by our system from authenticated endpoints on each Matrix server (no public access). We retain collected monitoring metrics on our side for 7 days. Some of our customers have already received monitoring system emails about high disk utilization, misconfigured DNS and misconfigured external integrations. We plan to release a customer-facing monitoring tool in the future
  • We’ve added new hosting plans: Turnkey: huge (4vCPU, 16GB RAM, 160GB Disk) and Turnkey: monster (8vCPU, 32GB RAM, 240GB Disk). Existing Turnkey customers may upgrade to larger Turnkey plans without data loss and with 2-5 minutes of total downtime.