This page contains copy of room messages, but you may use RSS , or Fediverse to get them.

servers updates

  • IRC (appservice) 0.25.0 -> 0.26.0
  • Element Web 1.7.28 -> 1.7.29
  • Hydrogen (very experimental) 0.1.53
  • Grafana 7.5.6 -> 7.5.7
  • Nginx 1.20.0 -> 1.21.0
  • Prometheus 2.27.0 -> 2.27.1
  • Synapse Admin latest -> 0.8.1 not a real upgrade, just version pinning
  • Synapse 1.34.0 -> 1.35.0

if you want to discuss that update -


<> This Week in Matrix 2021-05-28

Lastly, we’re looking forward to the release of Synapse 1.35 which will bring significant improvements to memory use during room joins, but that’s for next week. 😉

Waiting for it


servers updates are postponed - Synapse got only release candidate today, so waiting for stable 1.35 release (I suppose it will happen in few days)


… and one more thing, came literally 5 minutes after I posted the service update added to the page 👍️


service updates

  • New components available: wireguard, miniflux, languagetool, etc. check the order form on website to see a full list (if you are a subscriber, just PM me with stuff you want to install)
  • New subscriptions available: email services for domain and 2 turnkey solutions (you need just a domain name, hosting and all other stuff is handled by service), full list available on payments page


servers update

  • Element Web 1.7.27 -> 1.7.28
  • Grafana 7.5.5 -> 7.5.6
  • LanguageTool latest -> 5.3 not a real upgrade, just switch to exact version
  • Mailer 4.94.2-r0 -> 4.94.2-r0-1
  • Miniflux latest -> 2.0.30 not a real upgrade, just switch to exact version
  • Prometheus 2.26.0 -> 2.27.0
  • Synapse 1.33.2 -> 1.34.0

NOTE: Spaces finally available with that version of Synapse & Element Web. On android spaces are available with 1.1.7 pre-relase, on desktop wait for Element Desktop 1.7.28


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