2023-10-26 19:48 UTC

Attention needed!
The following items need your attention:

Stable Updates Published

This update fixes the recent Jitsi auth issues, but the fix may require reset of the existing internal jitsi accounts if you use internal jitsi auth.

Service Updates: Embrace the Matrix Federation directly from Element Web

Starting with this update, the Element Web app we offer on app.etke.cc and install on customers’ servers includes native integration with the #mrs:etke.cc project - a fully-featured Matrix rooms search engine working across federation - using the MatrixRooms.info demo instance. That means, you can find brilliant Matrix communities from other matrix servers without even leaving your client app.

Note: #mrs:etke.cc implementation of Matrix Federation API is in testing phase

Service Updates: MSC1929 enabled by default for new customers

Matrix admin contacts MSC provides a way to contact server owners in case of issues. From now on, we enable MSC1929 integration by default for all new customers, leaving existing customers unaffected (you can request enabling MSC1929 for your server using etke.cc/contacts ):

In any case, if you’d like to adjust your contact information (Matrix ID or email address) which will be published in the new /.well-known/matrix/support file, please let us know.

Service Updates: Scheduler ’s ping MSC1929 integration

run ping of etke.cc/scheduler got MSC1929 integration as well, so it will check if the support file is valid and not empty, but check’s status won’t be considered as failed because MSC1929 is completely optional.



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