2024-02-01 21:33 UTC (updated)

Stable Updates Published

this update contains fixes for S3 and coturn issues

Service Updates: Synapse Workers are available for order

Larger matrix servers may suffer from Synapse slowness. To increase the throughput and performance of your matrix server, you could now order Synapse Workers (charged extra) to be enabled on your matrix server to offload Sync, Client, Federation, Encryption, Authorization, Events, Account Data, Receipts, Presence, and Directory APIs to worker processes.

Existing customers may request Synapse Workers to be enabled by contacting us

Service Updates: Better Email Deliverability for the New Orders

As an answer to Google’s and Yahoo’s tightened requirements for emails, prerequisites for all new orders were updated to include DMARC and SPF DNS records. For hosting orders, we additionally configure rDNS record to resolve to matrix.your-server.com by default.

Existing customers are unaffected, but may update their DNS records to accommodate the changes:

For custom domains:

For etke.cc-owned domains (etke.host, kupo.email, ma3x.chat, matrix.fan, matrix.town, onmatrix.chat)

Contact us: etke.cc/contacts



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