2022-07-29 07:51 UTC

stable updates published

  • Kakotalk new
  • Discord (mautrix) new
  • Element 1.11.0 -> 1.11.1
  • Grafana 9.0.4 -> 9.0.5
  • Prometheus postgres exporter 0.10.1 -> 0.11.0

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service updates

  • LanguageTool component now supports multi-language n-grams (previously only en language supported n-grams). Supported languages: de, en, es, fr, he, it, nl, ru, zh
  • Kakaotalk bridge avaialble for order on etke.cc
  • Discord (mautrix) bridge replaces the old, unmaintained for a while, mx-puppet bridge for new customers. Existing servers are not affected, but you may request to replace the existing bridge on your server to the new one using the @support:etke.cc