2023-02-12 11:40 UTC

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🎉 Today marks 2 years of etke.cc! 🎉

The etke.cc managed Matrix hosting service was launched on the 12th of February 2021 and has turned 2 years old today!

Below, we’d like to show you what improvements have happened over the last year and what’s coming ahead for us.

Robotic assistance for increased human-friendliness

The Scheduler is a major service developed by etke.cc, which we introduced in the past year - it gives customers more control over managing their Matrix server.

It started as a solution to the “I’d like server maintenance to happen during a specific time window” request we were getting often. Over time, it grew into a toolkit for managing your Matrix homeserver via chat.

Using Scheduler, you can send a chat message to the @scheduler:etke.cc bot to:

If you haven’t used Scheduler already, we urge you to give it a try! It really is a powerful tool.

Website improvements

Stability is key

Something new to play with

We’ve integrated 8 additional components into the Matrix stack. Some of them replaced existing ones - like mautrix bridges superseding unmaintained mx-puppet ones. Others are brand-new tools and services:

If you already have old components installed (like mx-puppet-slack), you can use them as-is, until they break completely. If you wish to switch from a deprecated component to a new one - just contact us .

We now offer Ntfy and enable it by default for new installations. With Ntfy hosted on your server, you can use your personal UnifiedPush provider for delivering push notifications to your mobile phone. Your push notifications (even though they’re normally E2E-encrypted) will no longer go through Google or Apple servers. Full list of apps that support Ntfy

The team is growing

etke.cc started as a one-man project 2 years ago, providing a service on top of the matrix-docker-ansible-deploy Ansible playbook. The playbook is built in the open as free software by hundreds of contributors .

etke.cc has provided a way for people to host the open Matrix platform in an open, no-vendor-lock-in way. We believe that this is a selling point that is unique to etke.cc among all of its competitors.

In the past year, Slavi Pantaleev , the original playbook developer, has joined the etke.cc team. This helps things in multiple ways:

Besides him, a few other members have joined the team part-time. They help with website improvements, support request handling, etc.

etke.cc follows in the spirit of the playbook and companies who do their work in the open, as Gitlab does . All the work we do is released as free software in our Gitlab repositories

Open Source


Do you want to see what’s changed? Here is the 1 year celebration post


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