2023-09-14 20:01 UTC

Stable Updates Published

Service Updates: Better Email Alerts

We’ve had customer complaints about the poor deliverability of the alert emails, so we switched from a homegrown solution to Postmark for sending alert emails, the same way we do for order follow-ups. We hope that this will help avoid issues and reduce downtime

Service Updates: Enforced Postgres Vacuum during the Maintenance

A few recent Synapse versions contained various bugs related to excessive disk utilization, including ineffective database usage. To work around the problem, we enforce database vacuuming during the maintenance run by default. Details: Postgres documentation (lock-free VACUUM mode is used)

Service Updates: Sliding-Sync Enabled by Default

Element X has become more common nowadays, and one of the special requirements of the app is a backend with sliding sync (sync v3) support. Starting with this update, sliding-sync proxy will be installed by default on all customers servers (including existing customers) automatically