2024-01-18 20:58 UTC

Stable Updates Published

Service Updates: etke.cc SSH Keys Have Been Rotated New keys published on etke.cc/keys.txt , all customers servers were updated to accept the new keys only. That’s an automatic process, you don’t need to do anything

Service Updates: Element’s Identity Server is Enabled By Default

Due to increased support requests regarding Element Web bug that stucks on registration with token and email, we’ve enabled Element’s proprietary identity server by default. That does not mean you are forced to use it; however, there is no other option, as Element Web does not follow the protocol specification and requires an identity server to complete registration with invite token + email

Service Updates: Huge Networking Refactoring

With that update, we’ve redone the networking of the matrix stack to remove unnecessary layers and rearrange private networks to minimize latency and increase throughput of the components. Unfortunately, such significant changes cannot be completely bug free, so there is a chance something may be broken. Thanks to the customers using fresh stability branch and open source community, we ensured the new networking setup works correctly on numerous different configurations!



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