internal policies


That page contains short description/theses of internal policies. It’s intended for internal use only, but published online due to… internal policy.

no log

Any unnecessary information should not be logged to avoid privacy and legal issues. In edge cases when logs cannot be disabled, data retention must not be longer than 2 maintenance cycles.

hostile world

Any external/3rdParty service shoud be considered “hostile”. Self-hosted open source solutions on infrastructure should be preferred over to external services. In case of necessity, data sharing with any external service should be limited to the neccessary minimum.


Any internal project must be open source and use one of the OSI approved licenses. Any internal documentation without sensitive data should be published as part of projects' documentation in projects' repositories.

Closed-source/properietary projects are prohibited.

focus main purpose is to setup and maintain matrix homeservers, any other purpose is not so important and should be avoided.