Security Explained

Security Explained

At, we prioritize the security and privacy of our customers. This page provides insights into the security measures and policies we have in place.

Security Measures

We have implemented the following security measures:

  • Firewall: Protecting against unauthorized access.
  • Intrusion Prevention: Detecting and mitigating potential threats.
  • SSH Daemon Hardening: Enhancing the security of SSH access.
  • OS-Level Permissions: Matrix components run under separate Linux cgroups and namespaces.
  • Docker Containers Hardening: Ensuring the security of our containerized environments.
  • Single Source of Truth: Any modifications to Matrix component configurations are wiped and replaced during each maintenance run.

Data Access

What Data Can Be Accessed by

We can access the following types of data:

  • Any system file (due to SSH access with sudo permissions).
  • Any plaintext (unencrypted) information, such as unencrypted text messages from bridged chats.

What Data Can NOT Be Accessed by

We cannot access encrypted data, including encrypted messages, files, and more.


How Customers Can Check Server Activity?

Customers can monitor server activity using the following methods:

  • /var/log/auth.log: This log is available by default. Additional archived logs may also be present, such as /var/log/auth.log.1, /var/log/auth.log.2, and so on.
  • The Linux Audit : Customers can leverage this audit framework for in-depth monitoring.
  • Source Code Availability: In nearly all actions performed by our automation system on customers’ servers, the source code is accessible on .

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