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Initial setup

You provide us SSH access to your Debian-based VPS, and we configure the following things:

  • docker
  • matrix homeserver components (synapse/dendrite, coturn, synapse-admin, element client, etc. - the components you added to your order)
  • database backups (gzip SQL dump)
  • swap (based on VPS RAM)
  • fail2ban (intrusion prevention)
  • ufw (firewall)
  • sshd (security hardening)

as part of the setup process, we perform the following things as well:

  • update of the system packages
  • cleanup unused system and docker resources
  • logs cleanup (7 days retention)
  • cleanup of matrix components (cache, logs, thumbnails, etc.)


Maintenance service is available only after the initial setup. We only provide the maintenance service for homeservers installed by us (as opposed to those installed manually, etc.), because of differences in configuration and deployment methods. If you’d like to enroll your existing Matrix server (installed by other means) into the service, contact us

Maintenance is performed once per week, depending on the recurring schedule you’ve set using scheduler . If you haven’t explicitly set a schedule yet, a default (random) one would be used for maintaining your server.

We publish stable updates every Friday. Besides the weekly recurring maintenance, you can also run maintenance via our Scheduler bot at any time to get your server updated. That said, running maintenance manually is not necessary. Just enjoy your fully-managed Matrix server and let us run (weekly) maintenance for you!

Additional services included with the maintenance:

As part of the maintenance service, we perform the following things weekly:

  • update of the system packages
  • update of the matrix components
  • cleanup unused system and docker resources
  • logs auto cleanup (7 days retention)
  • cleanup of matrix components (cache, logs, thumbnails, etc.)
  • re-configuration on request.

A bit more details about re-configuration on request:

If you want to add or remove any component on your homeserver (general list available in the order form) or if you want to change some configuration (e.g. change SMTP settings due to email provider changes), just send a request via any suitable contact method and requested changes will be added to your homeserver during maintenance run.

There is no additional fee for such requests.

Email service for domain

Email service available only with maintenance subscription.

You get access to the (privacy policy ) features for your homeserver’s base domain. You receive full administrator permissions on your domain and can do anything you want (please, don’t forget about Terms of Service) with it. It’s just a very good email provider that has a lot of interesting email features.


All-in-one package, you don’t even need a domain name. Any Turnkey plan includes:

  • initial setup
  • maintenance
  • basic support
  • hosting server size differs by plan
  • provider-level firewall malicious requests rejected on provider level, so your server doesn’t waste resources to drop them
  • daily backups snapshots of the whole server, 7 days retention

We will ask you about your public static IP and your public SSH key to provide root ssh access to your server. We consider turnkey servers the same as any other customer’s servers, which means you may have full ssh access as a customer.

Please, note that we ask for your public key and your IP address because we provide secure services and ssh access to your server limited to the predefined list of public static IP addresses and public ssh keys to limit the attack surface.


Online video call with an developer where we try to help you solve any matrix-related issues or questions. If you don’t like or don’t want the video call, consulation may be done in text form - in such case you will need to send full list of your questions in the consultation order form or using any other suitable contact method, as a result you will receive the same list, but with answers to each your question.

Customer Support

We provide different levels of customer support, the “Basic” level is included with Maintenance and Turnkey subscriptions by default.

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Custom Development

If you want to get some custom feature within our open-source projects, we’ll be glad to help for a fair price.

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