Private Docker Registry

We deploy all components in Docker containers to ensure security, fast updates, and portability between different distributes and cloud providers. Alas, nowadays public container registries have various issues, such as:

To solve these issues, we offer a private container registry service, which acts as a mirror for the public registries, but without the issues mentioned above. We mirror all images from the public registries we use, and you can pull them from our registry without any issues.

All servers we maintain or host automatically receive access and use our private container registry instead of the public ones.

Don't have a Matrix server yet?

We specialize in setup, hosting and maintenance of Matrix and various Matrix & non-Matrix add-ons.
Hosting is on affordable VPS servers provided by us (via Hetzner Cloud) in the EU or US, or on your own infrastructure anywhere in the world.

Let's build your Matrix haven together!

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