Customer Support

We provide the following levels of customer support:


This support level is included with all server subscriptions we provide. Usually, the vast majority of our customers perform 1-2 support requests per month at most, so this support level should be adequate.


This support level is useful when your product relies on Matrix and you may require quicker help in case of outages. The main differences with the Basic level are the dedicated Matrix chat room with developers and the higher priority of your requests relative to others.

How requests are counted

Note: Any support request related to a service outage (e.g., the Matrix server being down) is counted but not charged, even if you exceed the number of requests included with your support plan.

We consider any contact from a customer or their representative using any contact method (including DMs/emails to specific developers) with a specific topic as a support request. If within 1 message you request multiple things (e.g., add SchildiChat, disable federation, and enable jitsi auth), each separate thing is counted as a request. So, considering that example, that message is counted as three requests.

We’re counting the number of support requests you’ve made using any available contact method for the last 30 days (sliding window). For example, if it’s October 1st now, and you’ve requested some changes to your server on September 13th and then today (October 1st), the number of used support requests would be 2.


Covered topics:

NOT covered topics are anything that is not included within the covered topics above; examples include:

Rule of thumb here - if your problem is with a component that doesn’t work as you expect it to or with a component that you don’t know how to make use of - we can’t help you with that. Our job is to install and maintain the server as per your request, not provide extensive help with each of the various components of it.

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